The Institute for Cultural Evolution’s Climate Campaign whitepaper, co-authored with Carter Phipps, Michael Zimmerman, and Elizabeth Debold, was completed in early 2013. It demonstrates ICE’s approach to cultural evolution. Perhaps nowhere has the dysfunctional dynamic of American politics been more highlighted than in the struggle to respond to the issue of climate change. Despite the many millions of dollars that have been spent on creating political will for climate change over the last decade, public support for action on the issue remains inadequate to manage the long term risks posed by carbon in the atmosphere. Why? In the Climate Campaign Plan Steve and his co-authors address the primary causes of this hard truth. We dig beneath the surface to root out the reasons why climate change, despite significant scientific backing and increasing evidence, has failed to move the dial of public concern. And with our unique diagnosis come unexpected and surprising solutions, and a path forward to address the social and political problem—one that offers no quick fixes but holds authentic hope to build a new consensus for positive action. The time is ripe for novel ideas and unconventional strategies.