The Presence of the Infinite

The Presence of the Infinite

The Spiritual Experience of
Beauty, Truth, and Goodness

The Presence of the Infinite sheds a new light on the subject of spiritual experience. Using the emerging insights of evolutionary spirituality, the book enlarges readers’ capacity to have spiritual experience more abundantly and use it more effectively to improve their lives and the world around them.

The Presence of the Infinite starts by providing a timely cultural analysis and critique of the various forms of spirituality that are vying for influence in contemporary American society. Building on this context, Steve shows how evolutionary spirituality overcomes the limitations of religious, secular, and New Age spirituality by better harmonizing science and spirit.

The book then explores the nature of spiritual experience, with a special emphasis on the spiritual experience of beauty, truth, and goodness. This leads to an examination of conflicting ideas that regard spirit as either formless and nondual, or as loving and creative. By working to harmonize and integrate these alternative conceptions of ultimate reality, Steve shows how evolutionary spirituality can achieve a synthesis of nondual and theistic teachings of truth that can produce a spiritual renaissance in America and beyond.


“McIntosh has written another important and groundbreaking book.”
― John Mackey , Co-Founder and CEO of Whole Foods Markets

“An important book for anyone tracking the evolution of spirituality in our time.”
― Craig Hamilton , Founder,

“Steve McIntosh is a leading philosopher seeking to rediscover transcendence …”
― Brian McLaren , Author of A New Kind of Christianity

“Your understanding of your own spirituality will be challenged and clarified …”
― Terry Patten , Co-author of Integral Life Practice

“McIntosh integrates the experience of nondual emptiness with the experience of a loving Creator.”
― Jeff Salzman , host of The Daily Evolver program

“McIntosh has become our leading voice telling the story of spirituality through … truth, beauty and goodness.”
― Tony Schwartz , bestselling author