Integral Consciousness and the Future of Evolution

Integral Consciousness
and the Future of Evolution

How the Integral Worldview Is Transforming Politics, Culture and Spirituality

The newly emerging integral perspective represents the next crucial step in the development of our civilization. As McIntosh convincingly demonstrates, the integral worldview’s transformational potential provides a way for us to literally become the change we want to see in the world. Through its new understanding of the evolution of consciousness and culture, the enlarged way of seeing things known as integral consciousness offers realistic and pragmatic solutions to our growing global problems, both environmental and political.

Looking at history, we can see that large-scale social progress has almost always been made in the past through the emergence of new sets of values and expanded perspectives that provide an entirely new view of the world. We can thus expect that in this century a “better future” will come to us in the same way as it has come before—in the form of a transcendent new worldview that brings new truth, new beauty, and new ideals of morality. This is the bright promise of the integral perspective.

Integral Consciousness is really two books in one: the first half serves as an accessible and highly readable introduction to the power of integral consciousness, with the second half making a variety of original contributions to the integral perspective, and breaking new ground in the application of integral philosophy to politics and spirituality. Moreover, McIntosh provides a much-needed contextualization and critique of the integral worldview’s leading author, Ken Wilber, which helps make integral philosophy relevant to a larger audience.


“This book is ingenious, giving us a brilliant perspective on the nature of Reality …”
― Jean Houston, Ph.D. , author of 25 books on human development

“McIntosh has produced quite an impressive synthesis … This book is refreshing, indeed.”
― Dr. Don Edward Beck , co-author of Spiral Dynamics

“Breathtaking in its scope, precision, and depth of vision … McIntosh has a unique gift for conveying the fundamental tenets of integral thinking.”
― Andrew Cohen , author of Evolutionary Enlightenment, and founder of EnlightenNext

“This is a very thoughtful, informed and readable book … the sort of synthesis that we can all profit from as we face the next century.”
― Dr. John Haught , Georgetown University Professor, and author of Deeper Than Darwin

“… a powerful guide to applying our integral consciousness to the actual process of self and social evolution. I recommend this book wholeheartedly.”
― Barbara Marx Hubbard , President, Foundation for Conscious Evolution