Beyond Awakening Dialogue: The Love of God and Non-Dual Samadhi

BeyondAwakeningImage300Last Sunday I had a wonderful conversation with my close friend and integral colleague Terry Patten. Terry’s podcast, Beyond Awakening: the Future of Spiritual Practice, is an important addition to both the integral movement and to progressive spirituality in general, so it was great to be with him again in that setting.

During our dialogue, entitled “The Love of God and Non-Dual Samadhi: How Evolutionary Spirituality Integrates Our Highest Spiritual Experiences,” I started by summarizing some of the key concepts and distinctions from my latest book, The Presence of the Infinite. This summary provided a foundation for our mutual exploration of the interdependent, existential polarity found within both the world body of spiritual teachings, and within spiritual experience itself.

As we wrestled with this exciting new idea, we could see that as each side of this polarity evolves, it grows into a fullness that embraces both poles. Just as each side of the yin yang symbol contains the seed of its opposite, the two sides of spiritual experience can serve to both challenge and support each other.

YinYangComing as it did toward the end of my book tour for The Presence of the Infinite, I was able to provide a crisp and concise overview of the book. And being in dialogue with Terry really helped bring out the emerging energy inherent in evolutionary spirituality. To listen to this and other Beyond Awakening dialogues please follow this link: