Esalen Center for Theory and Research: Conscious Capitalism Conclave


For many years the Esalen Center for Theory and Research has been holding invitational gatherings of thought leaders on a wide variety of topics. A few years ago they held a series of meetings on the metaphysics of evolution which I would loved to have attended. Then earlier this year I was invited to come to the Esalen Center’s conclave for Conscious Capitalism, which convened last week.

Esalen, of course, is a magical setting on California’s Big Sur coast. And the event was fantastic. I made many new friends, including John Mackey, Byron Katie, Tony Schwarz, Jay Ogilvy, Eileen Fisher, Lynn Twist and others. The picture above shows our group. Carter Phipps and I gave a presentation on the evolutionary worldview and its application in our new think tank, the Institute for Cultural Evolution.  And I think it’s safe to say the presentation was very well received. Now I’m looking forward to future events at Esalen …