New Book Includes a German Translation of My Work

Some of my writing on evolutionary spirituality has just been published in German. My essay appears in the new German language anthology titled:

Wir Vielen in dieser einen Welt:
Unsere Weltanschauung weiterentwickeln für den nachhaltigen Umbau unserer Zivilisation. Ein philosophisch-spirituelles Lesebuch

English translation:

The Many of Us in this One World:
Evolving Our Worldview for the Sustainable Transformation of Our Civilization. A philosophical-spiritual reading book

Here is the link to the book on the German Amazon.


The other authors in the anthology are:

Oliver Griebel
John Heron
Philip Clayton
Tilmann Haberer
Jorge N. Ferrer
Bruce Alderman
Elizabeth Debold
Thomas Steininger

I’m especially pleased to be in the company of Philip Clayton and Jorge Ferrer, whose work I admire.

For those who read German, my 2007 book, Integral Consciousness and the Future of Evolution, is also published in this important language. Here’s the link to that:

Integrales Bewusstsein: und die Zukunft der Evolution