New Video for Presence of the Infinite Book Talk

StillAI’m excited to share the new video of the presentation for my latest book, The Presence of the Infinite. This video includes my 57 minute book talk followed by wonderfully sophisticated questions from the Boulder audience.

Recorded at the Integral Center in Boulder, Colorado on October 22, 2015, this “book talk” has now been presented in multiple cities across the U.S. In the video I describe the emergence of evolutionary spirituality and how it can expand our grasp of spiritual experience—especially the spiritual experience of the beautiful, the true, and the good. I then go on to discuss “the spiritual teachings of evolution” and how these teachings can enhance our spiritual practices and deepen our experience of ultimate reality. During the audience discussion in the second half of the video, I address questions on truth, providence, the nature of consciousness, the potential pathologies of the evolutionary perspective, and others.

In addition to the 1.5 hour video as a whole, we also have short excerpts from some of the more juicy parts, including a discussion of an emerging “evolutionary method” for evolving consciousness. Also excerpted are questions and answers on the nature of truth, as well as the integration of nonduality and the love of God.
Please have a look at the video if you have a chance. I think it’s the best one yet.