Panel Discussion Featuring Jeff Salzman, Steve McIntosh, and Carter Phipps

This month, during my monthly Zoom group, we had a panel discussion with Jeff Salzman, Carter Phipps, and myself as panelists, facilitated by Rigel Thurston.

Watch the full discussion here:

Questions from the community

1. Robert Anderson asked:

How can America evolve from our current cultural mix of Traditional, Modern, & Progressive Worldviews, to an ‘Integral Worldview’, while there is a growing; political, economic & spiritual conflict? ICE’s ‘Developmental Politics Project’ presents many interesting creative alternatives that go beyond simple compromise. But the general presentation of ICE is rather ‘intellectual, theoretical, & even philosophical’, placing our material outside the interest area of most folks. How can we simplify some of the knowledge being presented so we can expand our influence?

2. Debra Nystrom asked:

Regarding Jonathan Haidt’s Foundational Values work, why doesn’t he include developmental stages?

3. Kevin Ruble asked:

I agree with the premise that the healing of divisions requires not compromise but an integral approach which addresses and incorporates the values of the various memes, and understand how this might look for Traditionals, Moderns and Postmoderns. Yet it seems like self-interest, even at the expense of others, is the prime motivator for the red, Warrior level. Is it possible to incorporate the reds in this process? If not, what, then are we to do with the reds? Is the answer to marginalize them?”

4. Michael Grady asked:

I think it would be great to discuss how and if someone is in fact thinking developmentally/integrally about any issue. What are bedrock cornerstones? Can one have a passionate emotional position as an integralist?

5. Catherine Schultz asked:

Wondering the role you see AI and Virtual Reality programs playing in the next rung of the spiral within culture, and if either of these emergent technologies might be used to support more brains within the culture to move into modernity at minimum?

6. Trudy Quinn asked to Steve:

Could you please describe in clear, concise language, how does cultural evolution work? In other words, how does an individuals expanded awareness or consciousness influence others, or the cosmos? Or, conversely, how does the cosmos influence us or expand consciousness?

7. Trudy Quinn asked to Jeff:

Your daily, Evolver podcasts, are beloved, by the integral community, including me. You have a way of coming across as very folksy, but speaking with conviction. Do you ever have doubts, and if so, about what?

8 Bert Parlee asked:

What are the second thoughts, confusions, and/or new learnings that are you able to share with us, related to your own truth-seeking process


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