Our Plans for The Integral Escalator Seminar

escalatorvideowindowThis blog is about the upcoming consciousness-raising seminar we’re calling “The Integral Escalator.” For 3-1/2 days, August 13-16, Jeff Salzman and I, together with our special guests, will be leading an experiment in the evolution of consciousness. Our aim is to evolve the consciousness of each participant by exploring the powerful new truths that have recently emerged within the integral intellectual community.

We are limiting the seminar group size to 25 people or less to keep the experience intimate and personalized. In a small group such as this, we can focus on uplifting and empowering each person according to their own needs.

In terms of content, the seminar will focus on three exciting areas where the integral worldview is now coming into its own: integral spirituality, integral politics, and new forms of integral practice designed to empower your work in the world. Having worked with the integral perspective for the last 15 years, I’ve found that spirituality, politics, and personal practice are the areas where the integral approach produces the greatest evolution in consciousness.

I made a 5 minute video that describes the content of the seminar, which you can watch at this link: