Reading List of Some of the Integral Books I Like

This past week I gave a talk at the Boulder Integral Center, dubbed  “An Introduction to Integral Consciousness.” I had not given an introductory talk for several years and noticed how I am introducing the subject differently, now that both it and I have evolved.

During the questions a women asked me if I could recommend some books for those who are new to the integral perspective. And I promised to post those on my blog. There are certainly other worthy integral books that deserve mention as well as these, but this list is a start:

Books that provide an introduction to Integral thought:

Integral Consciousness and the Future of Evolution, by me, McIntosh
Evolutionaries, by Phipps
A Theory of Everything, by Wilber
The Radiance of Being, by Combs
Necessary Wisdom, by Johnston

Some of the Integral/Evolutionary spirituality books I like:

Evolution’s Purpose, by me, McIntosh
Evolutionary Enlightenment, by Cohen
Your Unique Self, by Gafni
The Advance of Love: Reading the Bible with an Evolutionary Heart, by Sanguine

Some other good ones:

Sex, Ecology, Spirituality, by Wilber
Integral Ecology, by Hargens & Zimmerman
Integral Life Practice, by Wilber, Patten, et al.
Conscious Capitalism, by Mackey & Sisodia
Science and Religion, A Critical Survey, by Rolston
Religion and Scientific Naturalism, Overcoming the Conflicts, by Griffin
The Evolving Self, by Kegan
Spiral Dynamics, by Beck & Cowan