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Media and Endorsements for Integral Consciousness

Review of Integral Consciousness and the Future of Evolutionby Peter Laurence in the February 2009 issue of The Journal of College & Character, Volume X, No. 3, Walden University
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Feature Article by Steve: Integral Politics and the Evolution of Consciousness and Culture, in the July/August 2008 issue of Tikkun Magazine
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Interview of Steve entitled: Integral Politics Comes of Age, in the December 2007 issue of What Is Enlightenment? Magazine
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[raw] Review of Integral Consciousness and the Future of Evolutionin the February 2008 issue of Shift, the Magazine of the Institute of Noetic Sciences
[toggle last title=”Read review…”][quote byline=”Byron Belitsos”]“Until now, the integral movement has all too often consisted of a series of footnotes to a single “master,” Ken Wilber. In this widely hailed book—called “ingenious…an alchemical vessel” by Jean Houston and “a signal contribution” by Ervin Laszlo—lay philosopher Steve McIntosh serves up “integralism for the rest of us.” Integral Consciousness is really two books in one: the first half serves as an accessible introduction to “the power of integral consciousness,” defining integralism in a way that Don Beck (of Spiral Dynamics fame) calls “refreshing, indeed.” The second half makes strikingly original contributions to integral theory, breaking new ground in its application to global governance and spirituality in a series of chapters that I found especially riveting. McIntosh not only challenges the idiosyncratic picture of integralism provided by Wilber, but goes on to prove that integral consciousness provides realistic and even inspirational solutions to today’s greatest challenges.”[/quote][/toggle] [/raw]

Review of Integral Consciousness and the Future of Evolution, reviewed by Chris Dierkes, on Frank Visser’s IntegralWorld.net website
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Praise for Integral Consciousness and the Future of Evolutionby the following luminaries (click on a name to read their blurb):

[toggle title=”Dr. Don Edward Beck”][quote byline=”Dr. Don Edward Beck” title=”Co-author of Spiral Dynamics and Founder of the Center for Human Emergence”]McIntosh has produced quite an impressive synthesis of the leading minds that have contributed to the contours and DNA codes of the emerging “Integral Age.” He portrays the work of Clare W. Graves more clearly and accurately than any other person who writes with an Integral pen. McIntosh grasps the essence of Graves’s point of view and the dynamics that craft and turn the spiral, serving as a cartographer of the emergence of the integral stage of consciousness. And, his perspective on what many call “world centric” is both informed and realistic. Far too many of those who write about the spiral are naive and simplistic, believing one can simply paper over the deep cultural divides or developmental strata. This book is refreshing, indeed.[/quote][/toggle] [toggle title=”Byron Belitsos”][quote byline=”Byron Belitsos” title=”CEO Origin Media Group, Producer of iKosmos.com, Founding Member of the Integral Institute, Coauthor One World Democracy (Origin Press 2005)”]For some time, the integral movement has lacked cultural depth and reach because it has all too often consisted of series of footnotes to a single “master,” Ken Wilber. Finally, here is a reliable and coherent voice that can provide a complementary alternative to Wilber’s sometimes idiosyncratic depiction of the integral worldview. McIntosh serves up integralism “for the rest of us”—or at least a reliable perspective that turns a monopoly into polyphony. In addition to reframing and introducing the entirety of the integral philosophy, the author’s insight-filled chapters on integral politics and integral spirituality are riveting, and especially for me his prophetic views on global governance. Not only that, but the book closes with a series of entirely original contributions that should become an enduring part of the integral canon. This long-awaited book will soon become a definitive text of integral thought.[/quote][/toggle] [toggle title=”Andrew Cohen”][quote byline=”Andrew Cohen” title=”introduction to the December 2007 issue of What Is Enlightenment? Magazine“]… Carter Phipps’ comprehensive interview with integral thinker par excellence Steve McIntosh on “integral politics” is breathtaking in its scope, precision, and depth of vision. In their discussion about the multidimensional complexities of our many global conflicts, a brilliant vision of order and hope shines through. McIntosh has a unique gift for conveying the fundamental tenets of integral thinking in a way that is clear and profoundly rational, and that (after you understand it) always appears to be obvious![/quote][/toggle] [toggle title=”Allan Combs, Ph.D”][quote byline=”Allan Combs, Ph.D” title=”author of The Radiance of Being and the forthcoming Consciousness Explained Better”]You should have written a less interesting book. As it is, instead of giving it the ‘quick read,’ I am hanging onto every paragraph. Which for me means slow reading and long savoring. … Overall, you’ve done something very important here and that is to create a truly integral philosophy that is not strictly AQAL. It is invaluable to have viable alternative variations. I am including your excellent book in my list of basic readings along with Wilber, Gebser, etc.[/quote][/toggle] [toggle title=”Tom Curren”][quote byline=”Tom Curren” title=”Managing Director of the Better World Network”]Steve McIntosh’s Integral Consciousness and the Future of Evolution is a significant breakthrough in the field of integral philosophy; it provides a much-needed context and critique of existing works while also bringing forward a host of original insights that expand our understanding of cultural evolution.[/quote][/toggle] [toggle title=”Jordan Gruber”][quote byline=”Jordan Gruber” title=”CEO, Enlightenment.com Founding Member, Integral Institute, Producer of: Speaking of Everything, the first audio interview of Ken Wilber”]Instructive, impassioned, and articulate, Steve McIntosh has gifted us with a provocative synthesis of integral thought and thinkers. Both historical retrospective and moral-evolutionary prognosis, Integral Consciousness and the Future of Evolution challenges us to test what we already know against what we hope may one day be possible. While fans of Ken Wilber may especially delight in the fair-handed but discerning treatment of their intellectual hero, I heartily recommend this book to anyone who wishes to continue including-yet-transcending the bounds of their own spiritual and philosophical inquiry.[/quote][/toggle] [toggle title=”Dr. John Haught”][quote byline=”Dr. John Haught” title=”Professor of Theology, Georgetown University, and author of Deeper Than Darwin”]This is a very thoughtful, informed and readable book. It will be of great interest to anyone interested in the future of civilization, the planet and the universe itself. It demonstrates wide familiarity with the natural sciences, developmental psychology, political thought, philosophy and spiritual traditions. It is the sort of synthesis that we can all profit from as we face the next century.[/quote][/toggle] [toggle title=”Jean Houston, Ph.D.”][quote byline=”Jean Houston, Ph.D.” title=”Author of 25 books in human development, and Senior Consultant to the United Nations in Human Development”]This book is integral in the best sense: an ingenious gathering of patterns from many fields, giving us a brilliant and useful perspective on the nature of Reality. It is a kind of philosopher’s stone in helping us understand emergent evolution, an alchemical vessel that takes our leaden thoughts and turns them into gold. It invites the reader to reconsider his self and his society in the light of universal analogues. Herein we have a work that can open minds as well as hearts to new ways of being and appreciation for who we are and what we yet may be. What is offered here is unique, a new ecology of self, world and soul such as only the ancients ever dared to portray.[/quote][/toggle] [toggle title=”Barbara Marx Hubbard”][quote byline=”Barbara Marx Hubbard” title=”President, Foundation for Conscious Evolution”]Reading this book is like joining hands with a brother of deep understanding and commitment to our conscious evolution. Steve McIntosh is a powerful guide to applying our integral consciousness to the actual process of self and social evolution. I recommend this book wholeheartedly.[/quote][/toggle] [toggle title=”Stanley Krippner, Ph.D.”][quote byline=”Stanley Krippner, Ph.D.” title=”Professor of Psychology Saybrook Graduate School”]Many writers have used the term “integral” in an attempt to tie together a potpourri of disciplines, traditions, or perspectives, but Steve McIntosh’s book Integral Consciousness comes closest to the word’s Latin origin, integratus — something that has been blended into a coordinated whole. The nexus of McIntosh’s blend is self-organization, a process that applies to both external and internal evolution, a process in which consciousness and culture are entangled, as are nature and self. Emerging from this blend is a philosophy for the 21st century, one that can harmonize instead of divide, one that can inspire rather than disenchant.[/quote][/toggle] [toggle title=”Dr. Ervin Laszlo”][quote byline=”Dr. Ervin Laszlo” title=”Distinguished system scientist, President of the Club of Budapest, and author of over 30 books on evolution”]McIntosh makes a signal contribution to the debate on the direction and nature of evolution, one of the most fundamental issues of our time. He frames his ideas in the context of an integral worldview, likewise a critical aspect of the new understanding. His theory merits sustained consideration and development.[/quote][/toggle] [toggle title=”Carter Phipps”][quote byline=”Carter Phipps” title=”Executive Editor, What Is Enlightenment? Magazine”]Integral consciousness is truly the philosophical and spiritual hope for the new century. It is a powerful new worldview essential for all who profess a serious interest in understanding the world and changing it for the better. McIntosh’s book is an educational journey through the fundamentals of integral philosophy and a fascinating exploration of some its most important themes. Carefully researched and tightly argued, this work is an important contribution to a field destined to impact world culture and the direction of human evolution.[/quote][/toggle] [toggle title=”Frank Visser”][quote byline=”Frank Visser” title=”Host of the integral movement’s leading website: Integralworld.net, and author of the definitive biography: Ken Wilber: Thought as Passion (SUNY Press, 2003)”]Steve McIntosh builds a solid case for integral philosophy by bringing together its past, present and future possibilities. His survey of integral pioneers ranging from Hegel to Wilber is needed and interesting for it shows how various philosophers have wrestled with alternatives to materialism, without the help of the more comprehensive framework we currently have. He masterfully sketches the outlines of both Ken Wilber’s integral system and Spiral Dynamics, leaving out enough of the jargon and specialized details to hold the attention of the average reader. As to integral philosophy’s vision of the future, McIntosh explores the degree to which evolution can be said to be a process of both complexity and consciousness, countering objections from reductionist science.[/quote][/toggle] [/three_fourth] [clear]