Below are selected excerpts from the full video:

The Spiritual Message of Evolution

The Beautiful, the True, and the Good (2:05)

The Trouble with Progressive Spirituality

The Trouble with Progressive Spirituality (5:14)

What is “The Infinite”?

What is “The Infinite”? (5:14)

In this talk, Steve presents ideas from his forthcoming book: The Presence of the Infinite: The Spiritual Experience of Beauty, Truth, and Goodness. Building on the scientific story of evolution, Steve explores how evolution creates value as it unfolds through the structure of emergence. Ever since the big bang, something more has been coming from something less, and this pattern of emerging reality shows how evolution is moving toward the beautiful, the true, and the good through its influence on us. This video was recorded at the Highland City Club, Boulder, Colorado, Sept 11, 2014. Special thanks to Roger Briggs and Sina Simantob. Video and editing by Michael Kosacoff.

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