My 9-Week Course on Post-Progressive Politics: Becoming Part of the Solution

My Zoom course on post-progressive politics is going well. We have over 40 great participants and folks seem to be enjoying it so far. All 9 weeks of the course will be available on video in late April. Thanks to The Aligned Center for producing the course. Here is their description:

Hyperpolarization in American politics has divided our nation, government, friendships, and even our families. The need to find a way forward feels urgent yet unclear. Join Steve McIntosh, author and president of the Institute for Cultural Evolution, for his 9-part course, Becoming Part of the Solution—a deep dive into a developmental approach to politics where the remedy is found in the evolution of consciousness itself. By clearly recognizing the deep value structures of our democracy, Steve shows how we can overcome our political hatreds and discover a powerful interdependence inherent in America’s overall “cultural ecosystem.” The course, based on Steve’s 2020 book: Developmental Politics, is being produced and hosted by The Aligned Center in New York. Here’s the link to the course’s landing page: