My Forthcoming Book: The Presence of the Infinite

solar-eclipseAfter a year of intense work, I managed to get a solid draft of my next book finished by the end of 2013. And now the manuscript is being content-edited by my longtime friend and editor Byron Belitsos. Because of the long “pipeline” in the book publishing industry it will be a while before the book is available, but here is some initial “back cover copy” that describes what it’s about. I will provide updates here as publication gets closer.

Steve McIntosh’s forthcoming book, The Presence of the Infinite: The Spiritual Experience of Beauty, Truth, and Goodness, expands our understanding of what spiritual experience is and how it works. The book uses the emerging perspective of evolutionary spirituality to show how readers can experience spirit more abundantly and use it more effectively to improve their lives and the world around them. The book goes on to explain how an evolutionary understanding of spiritual experience leads to an enlarged conception of what is ultimately real. And within this expanded understanding of ultimate reality conflicting ideas that regard spirit as either formless and nondual, or as loving and creative, become harmonized and integrated. McIntosh’s constructive critique of contemporary progressive spirituality shows how evolutionary spirituality offers a truer and more inclusive perspective on spirit that transcends pluralistic relativism and soft-headed New Age thinking. His thematic focus on America’s need for better forms of spiritual leadership keeps the discussion practical and culturally relevant while also being profound and inspirational. The Presence of the Infinite may well become a definitive text in the exciting new field of evolutionary spirituality.