Teaching Beauty, Truth, and Goodness at Esalen

pricing-Esalen_Campbell-95 This week I’m teaching at Esalen on the Big Sur coast. I was invited by Esalen’s think tank, The Center for Theory and Research, to open their annual Conclave on Conscious Capitalism with a session on the spirituality of beauty, truth, and goodness. This is a major theme of my work and something I have been deeply involved with for many years, so I was grateful for the opportunity to share some of this with the distinguished group of Conclave attendees.

As described in the book, Conscious Capitalism, by John Mackey and Raj Sisodia, the spiritual principles of beauty, truth, and goodness are found at the heart of a business’s transcend purpose. So the subject was already framed within a business context by the tenets of the Conscious Capitalism. However, it was wonderful to explore the subject further with the group as we considered how spiritual experience manifests in the business world.

Before heading back home to Boulder I’ll also be teaching at The Institute of Noetic Sciences in connection with their new project on worldviews.