My Policy Recommendations for Big Tech Governance

I am pleased to announce the Institute for Cultural Evolution has published my “win-win-win” policy recommendation on Big Tech Governance:…/big-tech-governance/

Here are the “three wins”—one for each major American worldview—that this policy recommendation seeks to achieve:

Wins Sought for Each Major Worldview

As outlined in my policy recommendation, by: 1) convening an annual congressional regulation summit tasked with crafting regulations that integrate the interests all digital economy stakeholders, 2) increasing the technological literacy of lawmakers, and 3) building on the recent first round of regulatory bills, we hope to provide “wins” for each of America’s major cultural worldviews, as follows:

Progressivism’s Wins

Effective regulation will provide wins for progressives by checking the unfettered power of corporations and big business, and by restoring public interest oversight to the digital economy.

Modernity’s Wins

Bipartisan regulation that deftly integrates all tech industry stakeholders will provide wins for modernists by preserving the economic environment necessary for ongoing technological innovation, and by reducing monopolies and crony capitalism through increased competition.

Traditionalism’s Wins

Effective regulation of Big Tech will similarly provide wins for conservatives and traditionalists by providing a check against the evident progressive bias of many of tech platforms, and by providing greater transparency and accountability.

Everyone’s Wins

Finally, all Americans will win by disempowering hate and extremism, and by increasing personal privacy.

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