Progress on the Institute for Cultural Evolution

The-Institute-for-Cultural-EvolutionOver the past few weeks the political think tank I co-founded with three other evolutionary authors, the Institute for Cultural Evolution (“ICE”), has made good progress.

In April ICE made a “beta launch” of its new whitepaper, Depolarizing the American Mind. And in connection with the whitepaper ICE also launched an on-line “polarization test,” which locates those who take it within one of four basic political positions. Then once one’s position is “diagnosed,” the polarization test offers a specifically tailored “prescription” designed to increase the value metabolism of that specific position, together with exercises designed to help strengthen these prescribed values. The idea is not to try to get people to move off their identity-providing political positions, but rather to improve and strengthen their existing positions by integrating the aspects of the opposing pole that complement and moderate their own values.

The whitepaper and the polarization test can be found on ICE’s website:

Also, just last week ICE finally received its 501c3 tax exemption from the IRS (15 months after applying). This confirms our nonprofit status and will help us with both fundraising and credibility.

At the moment I’m working to finish my next book. But as soon as that’s complete, I’ll be turning to work full-time on the development of ICE.