In Search of Higher Ground

In America’s current political climate, it seems as if there is no common ground left. So rather than searching for nonexistent common ground, we need to find authentically higher ground. In response to this challenge, a new “post-progressive” political perspective is  emerging. Post-progressivism seeks to include the best and transcend the worst of progressive politics and culture. This post-progressive perspective is described in a rational frame in my recent 1,200 word article in Areo Magazine. However, I also describe this post progressive perspective in a more emotional frame in the following “plea” to my fellow Americans:

Staking Out Higher Ground

Dear Fellow Americans,

Let us take care of our country in her hour of need
May our grievances reflect our gratitude
May our challenges express our support
And may our pride and shame be mutually correcting

We feel the pain and alienation of Americans who remain marginalized and excluded
While we affirm the unprecedented opportunity and prosperity that American society continues to provide

We accept our obligation to atone for the misdeeds of America’s history
While we affirm the abundant ways that America makes the world a better place

We recognize the need for environmental sustainability and the preservation of nature
While we affirm the essential morality and ongoing necessity of a prosperous global economy

We revere our heritage and declare our loyalty to the best of who and what has come before
While we remain unsatisfied with the world as it is and affirm the need to keep improving

We honor the enduring values of all three American cultures—traditionalism, modernism, and progressivism
While we acknowledge that each of these cultures includes pathologies we must overcome

Our society is growing

So let us advance a politics of mutual respect in which everyone of good faith is welcome
Let us renew our nation’s political life through a new era of cooperation and kindness
Let us cherish our liberties and defend our nation’s integrity
And let us affirm that our winding way to a more evolved culture is a journey worth making