Value Energy Podcast, Including Commentary on the Protests

Here’s my latest podcast with Layman Pascal wherein we discuss the idea that value itself can be understood as a form of interior energy that influences consciousness and culture. As described in chapters 5, 6 and 7 of Developmental Politics, value serves as the motivating power that attracts human interest and generates political will.

Also in the podcast, at 19:50, I comment on the recent unrest surrounding the murder of George Floyd:

“I think in general that progressivism is the most evolved large-scale form of culture that has yet to appear in the timeline of human history. But like all of these worldviews, it has positives and negatives. And as it accelerates, as it gains ground culturally, and hopefully eventually politically to some degree, the pathologies of progressivism are exposed. We can begin to see the pathologies of it—the destructive nature of it, the craziness, the totalitarianism of it—more clearly than ever before. … In this mode of the dialectic, [progressivism] is very much an antithesis, you know, it’s gaining traction by its own character of protest and rejection, which is a necessary step to hopefully a larger synthesis that can better include and make peace between these major worldviews.”