Integral Consciousness



  1. Introduction
  2. The Internal Universe
  3. Stages of Consciousness and Culture
    • The Spiral of Development
    • Tribal Consciousness
    • Warrior Consciousness
    • Traditional Consciousness
    • Modernist Consciousness
    • Postmodern Consciousness
    • The Spiral as a Whole
    • What is the Real Evidence for the Spiral?
  4. The Integral Stage of Consciousness
    • Life Conditions for Integral Consciousness
    • The Values of Integral Consciousness
    • Integral Consciousness in the Context of History
    • Practicing the Integral Lifestyle—Value Metabolism
    • Postintegral Consciousness
  5. Integral Politics
  6. Integral Spirituality


Introduction to Part II

  1. The Founders of Integral Philosophy
    • Ken Wilber in Context
    • The Evolution of Philosophy as a Human Endeavor
    • Hegel—the First Integral Philosopher
    • Bergson—the First Post-Darwinian Integral Philosopher
    • Whitehead—Spiritual Philosopher for the Ages
    • Teilhard de Chardin—Master of the Internal Universe
    • Gebser—Prophet of Integral Consciousness
    • Developmental Psychology and the Mapping of the Internal Universe
    • Habermas—Architect of Integral Foundations
    • Wilber—Framer of Integral Philosophy’s 21st Century Synthesis
    • What I Add to Integral Philosophy
  2. The Integral Reality Frame
    • Metaphysics and the Evolution of Reality Frames
    • The Integral Map of Reality
    • Integral Philosophy and Human Spirituality
    • Some Critiques of the Integral Reality Frame
  3. Structures of the Human Mind
    • Lines of Development Recognized by Psychologists
    • Wilber’s Theory of the Lines of Development
    • A Critique of Wilber’s Theory of Developmental Lines
    • An Alternative Theory of the Structures of Consciousness
    • The Self as a Whole
  4. The Directions of Evolution
    • Evolution and the Idea of Progress
    • Unity, Complexity, and Consciousness
    • Directions of Evolution in the Internal Universe
    • The Dialectical Quality of the Master Patterns of Evolution
    • Potential Applications of a Dialectical Understanding of Evolution
Appendix A. A Proposal for Integral Global Governance
Appendix B. Consideration of Wilber’s Four-Quadrant Model of Evolution
Quotation References for Part I
End Notes for Part II