In addition to my work with the Institute for Cultural Evolution think tank, as an author I also make my living through writing and speaking. Below are my currently available options for public teaching. For more information on any of these options, please send an email to:

1. Public Speaking

On the following subjects, anywhere in the U.S. or Canada:

• Introduction to Integral Consciousness
• Growing out of America’s divided political condition
• The natural spirituality of goodness, truth, and beauty
• Deeper aspects of integral philosophy and spirituality
• Other requested topics related to my books or online talks

Good video examples of my public talks are found in the “book talk videos” made for The Presence of the Infinite (given in 2015) and Evolution’s Purpose (given in 2012).

Cost: travel expenses + negotiable honorarium

2. Experiential Seminars on Spirituality and Politics

My friend and collaborator Jeff Salzman and I have conducted a series of popular “Integral Incubator Seminars” focusing on evolutionary spirituality and politics. These three-and-a-half day seminars were held in Boulder, Colorado, in 2015, 2016, and 2017. The online headquarters for these seminars is the website. (You can also see more on this seminar series by scrolling to the bottom of this page.)

Although we won’t be doing this seminar in Boulder again for the time being, I am willing to travel to give a version of this seminar by request.

Group sizes from 10 to 60. Cost: contact me for details

3. Private Consultations

In person in Boulder or via Skype, on questions relevant to spirituality, politics, or philosophy

Cost: donation basis

4. Outdoor Spiritual Philosophy Adventures in the West

I’ve been an outdoorsman all my life, and love to share the remote beauty of the desert or mountains of the West, especially in the context of a teaching trip. Options which I’m qualified to guide include:

• Desert hiking in the Canyonlands of Utah, choice of hotel, car camping, or backpacking
• Mountain hiking in the Colorado high country, choice of hotel, car camping, or backpacking
• Singletrack mountain biking around Moab, Utah, hotel or car camping
• Multi-day supported road cycling tours in Colorado or Utah
• Customized Western adventures also available

Each trip will be personalized for the interests and abilities of the group. In addition to the hiking or riding, each trip features original talks harmonized with the magic of the location, together with experiential beauty practices in nature. I’m also an amateur naturalist and can share my knowledge of the land.

Group sizes from 2 to 12. Cost: trip expenses + negotiable daily stipend

For more information on any of these teaching options, please send an email to:


Promotional Material from Previous Seminars:

Three Day Small Group Seminars with Steve McIntosh and Jeff Salzman

In August 2017 we convened our third annual Boulder seminar on the integral (a.k.a. “evolutionary,” or “post-postmodern”) worldview. For three and half days: August 24 – 27, at the Integral Center in Boulder, Colorado, Jeff Salzman and I took a deep dive into the latest developments in integral spirituality and integral politics. Here is a link to the seminar’s webpage:

About the Seminar

The Integral Incubator Seminar will ‘incubate’ the further development of your integral consciousness. In this intimate small group setting we will explore integral spirituality, integral politics, and integral practice.

Attending this seminar will help you:

  • Further develop your integral consciousness, and solidify your integral center of gravity
  • Deepen your ability to have spiritual experiences and use those experiences to enliven your work in the world
  • Participate in the leading edge of “post-postmodern” thinking
  • Establish significant new connections and friendships
  • Receive personalized feedback and guidance from integral leaders Jeff Salzman and Steve McIntosh

Jeff SalzmanOur 2017 Integral Incubator seminar will be an intellectual and experiential adventure into new ideas and practices. In the context of integral spirituality, we will work to deepen each participant’s sensitivity to the experience of spirit. And in the context of integral politics, we will work to evolve each participant’s relationship to America’s democracy and explore opportunities for participants to act as integral change agents in the realm of politics.

What you can expect:

  • A sophisticated exploration of integral spirituality and integral politics
  • A critical assessment of integral philosophy and the integral movement
  • Non-cognitive experiences such as movement, contemplation, and aesthetic experience
  • Social time, outdoor activities, and a party at Jeff Salzman’s house
  • A beautiful Rocky Mountain summer visit to Boulder, Colorado

Steve McIntoshWhat you cannot expect:

  • New Age spirituality
  • Intense or uncomfortable psychological processes
  • Politically constrained discussion parameters

As soon as we set the exact dates, registration will be open at:

“The Integral Incubator was a profound experience of integration: The head and the heart, the theoretical and the practical, the political and the spiritual. The bonds created helped me to clarify my own gifts while appreciating the beautiful gifts of others. — Greg Thomas